Independence Day of Pakistan
Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the JMDC students and Medicare staff members. The program began National Anthem. Students sang patriotic songs and shared their views in speeches. Most of the students & staff were dressed in green & white.
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Healthy Heart
Medicare Heart Center & Jinnah Medical & Dental College observed World Hypertension Day and organized awareness talk with Consultant Cardiologist of Medicare Heart Center, Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmad, FRCP ”Healthy Heart for a Happy Life” for the students, faculty & staff members. The session covered the importance of risk factors associated with high BP, poor life style, treatment & preventive measurements.
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World Hypertension Day
To mark World Hypertension Day Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmad was invited in Samaa TV morning show “Subh Saweray” to inform the audience about the importance of Blood Pressure. Medicare Heart Center published Q & A session with Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmad “ Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment of Blood Pressure” in World Hypertension Day Supplement in Daily Jang. (http://e.jang.com.pk/05-17-2017/karachi/page14.asp)
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International Nurses Day
International Nurses Day was celebrated at Medicare Heart Center.
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Blood Donation Drive
Blood Donation Drive was held on February 23, 2017 at the Medicare lobby area in collaboration with the Indus Hospital. The Blood donation drive aimed to provide quality Blood Banking to any deserving patients. More than 196 bags were donated from students, faculty & staff.
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CME Lecture by Dr. Mansoor Ahmad
Dr. Mansoor Ahmad, Consultant Cardiologist delivered a lecture on “Relationship Among Morning Blood Pressure Surge, 24-hour Blood Pressure Variability & Cardiovascular Outcomes.” to the General Practitioners, Faculty & Staff of Medicare Heart Center. During the program he informed that BP normally fluctuates during the day and can vary from day to day in response to environmental challenges, e.g., stress, activity, carrying out tasks. Over the last 30 years rates of CVD mortality have fallen in many parts of the world due to improvements in managing modifiable CV risk factors. There is growing evidence that morning surge in BP predisposes patients to adverse vascular outcomes particularlyacute coronary syndrome, cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac death, all-cause mortality, and stroke. Lt. Col (R) Dr. Baqar Nawab briefed about the Hospital facilities with a tour of the hospital.
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Dementia and Depression
Department of Psychiatry, Jinnah Medical & Dental College conducted a CME program on Dementia and Depression focus on cognitive impairment in Depression on 14hFebruary 2017. Dr Aneel Kumar Assistant Professor Department of Psychiatry JMDC has taken an initiative to raise the awareness of Cognitive impairment in Depression, Alzheimer’s Dementia and its management.” Guest speaker, Prof.Dr.M.Iqbal Afridi HOD Department of Psychiatry JMPC spoke on Cognitive Dysfunction in depression & Dr.Aziz B Sona Wala Consultant Neurologist AKU discussed “highlighted Alzheimer’s and its Management.” Professor Dr. S. Haroon Ahmed, senior consultant psychiatrist, president Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH), founder Pakistan Psychiatric Society (PPS) was the Chief Guest.
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We Welcomes Prof. Dr. Mansoor Ahmad. FRCP, Consultant Cardiologist
Formerly Head of Cardiology at Liaquat National Hospital, He has expertise in teaching & training in Interventional Cardiology, Special Interest in Coronary Intervention & in Cardiac therapeutics.
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Medicare New OPD
Medicare New OPD has opened in Wing II, with Clinics, Assessment Area, Mammography, Dialysis Unit, Vaccination Area, X-Ray , CT Scan room, Dental Executive Clinic & Patients waiting area.
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2nd Audit ISO 9001:2008
Surveillance Review of ISO 9001:2008 was conducted successfully in December 2016. Congratulation to all team members for all the hard work & dedication.
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Cardiac Awareness Session At Fm Radios
FM 96 conducted an interview with our Interventionist Cardiologist Dr. Kaleem ullah Sheikh on heart issues. Listeners had the opportunity of interacting & discussing many cardiac related issues and received professional advice from our cardiologist.
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ISO 9001:2008
Medicare has been awarded Certificate of Registration ISO 9001:2008. Mr. Syed Adnan Sohail, Executive Director, received the certificate from URS. Management expressed the heartiest congratulation to the entire staff.
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Free Breast Screening Clinic
Breast cancer is one of the leading cause of cancer deaths among Pakistani women. Early detection of the disease is the key for a better outcome. The World Health Organization has dedicated the month of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The department of Surgery at Jinnah Medical and Dental College in collaboration with the Medicare Administration, Marketing department and Radiology department organized a Free Breast Screening Camp. Patients received free consultation and breast examination. The facility of breast ultrasound was made available on the same day. Patients were also given information booklets regarding breast cancer and self examination. This activity will continue every year in the month of October to spread awareness of breast cancer.
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Medicare Eye Institute
Medicare Eye Institute is fully equipped. All routine & complicated eye surgeries are being performed.
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Take Care Of Your Heart
WORLD HEART DAY celebrated at Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital on September 29 for a Lecture Series Program & for a Free Event for a general public.
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Out Reach Program
Medicare in collaboration with Karachi Gymkhana organized Cardiac Screening Tests with free Cardiac, General Physicians, Dietitian, Physiotherapist Consultancy offered to the club members.
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We Lost Super Human
A condolence meeting was held at Medicare for Moulana Abdul Sattar Edhi. Attended by students, faculty members, staff.
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Lecture Series/ World Hypertension Day
Dr. Kaleemullah Shaikh, Interventionist Cardiologist talked about “Dyslipidemia” and Dr. Fawad Farooq spoke about” Hypertension”. Lecture were attended by students, faculty members, staff & general public.
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Cardiac Awareness Session At Fm Radios
FM 96 conducted an interview with our Interventionist Cardiologist Dr. Kaleem ullah Sheikh on heart issues. Listeners had the opportunity of interacting & discussing many cardiac related issues and received professional advice from our cardiologist.
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Cardiac Awareness Session At Fm Radios
FM 96 conducted an interview with our Interventionist Cardiologist Dr. Kaleem ullah Sheikh on heart issues. Listeners had the opportunity of interacting & discussing many cardiac related issues and received professional advice from our cardiologist.
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to radiology department for the installation of mri & ct scan Our congratulations on performing 100 total knee replacement & total hip replacement to Dr. Shahid Noor & his team who performed 100 total joint replacements at Medicare, since February 2015.
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Mental Health Day at Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital
Respect for All: “Psychiatric patients are socially stigmatized “said Dr Syed Tariq Sohail, Chairman, S. M.Sohail Trust.Their family members and peer groups often isolate and reject them. “We need to immediately address this burgeoning problem.”He was addressing the World Health Day Seminar, ‘Dignity in Mental Health’. The event was organized by Pakistan Association for Mental Health. Prof. Haroon Ahmed (President PAMH) welcomed the guests. Justice (R) Prof. Dr. Ghous Muhammad (Patron PAMH) highlighted the milestone Sindh Mental Health Act passed by Sindh Assembly on 2013. Dr. Uzma Ambareen read her paper on help seeking behavior and stigma, based on the data from Free Mental Health Clinic of PAMH. Dr. Abdullah Mangi (Vice President, PAMH) presented the vote of thanks.
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Free Orthopedic Camp
Free Orthopedic camp was held at Medicare with Free BMD test with discounts on Lab test, Physiotherapy & Surgical packages. A team of Orthopedic specialist examined more than 250 patients with free dietary advice from Nutrition & Food Services Dept
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Baby Boy
Baby Boy: Medicare First Baby was delivered on October 15, 2015. First C-Section done by Dr Shabben Naz
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International Nurses Day
On May 12, 2015, International Nurses Day was celebrated at Medicare Cardiac & General Hospital in remembrance of 195th birthday of Florence Nightingale. This year's theme for International Nurses day was “Nurses A Force for Change, Care Effective and Cost Effective”. Cake cutting ceremony and Speech by HOD Nursing were delivered to praise the nurse’s work. They received the letter of appreciation for their outstanding work and maintaining of 100% attendance.
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  • Are you more than 55 years old?
  • Are you post menopause?
  • Have your ovaries been removed and if so, you are not taken estrogen?
  • Are you more than 45 years old?
  • Did your father or brother have a heart attack before age 55?
  • Did your mother or sister have a heart attack before age 55?
  • Did your mother, sister, father, brother or grandparents have stroke /paralysis?
  • Do you smoke or live or work with others who smoked tobacco daily?
  • Is your cholesterol level 240mg/dl or higher?
  • You don’t know your total cholesterol level?
  • Is your lipoprotein (HDL) Good Cholesterol less than 35mg/dl?
  • You don’t know your HDL level?
  • Is your blood pressure 140/90 mm Hg or higher?
  • Have you been told that your blood pressure is too higher?
  • You don’t know your blood pressure?
  • Do you exercise less than 30 minutes on most days?
  • Is your fasting blood sugar level 100mg/dl or higher?
  • Do you need medicine to control your blood sugar level?
  • Do you have coronary artery disease?
  • Have you had a heart attack?
  • Have you had a stroke or Ischemic attack?
If answer of any above questions is YES then you are at risk. Calculate your risk cvdrisk.nhlbi.nih.gov/
Department of Preventive Cardiology & Rehabilitation on Ext #
For further guidance & information

Heart Attack Symptoms
Heart attack is an urgent message from your heart that it is starved for oxygen & part of the muscle is starting die. This lack of oxygen causes a variety of symptoms and they may not be felt as pain. Typically, rest land nitroglycerine give incomplete, temporary or nor relief at all
  • Chest Discomfort
    Feeling of pressure
    Discomfort in the centre of the chest may radiate to the shoulders, neck, jaw, arms or back
  • Sweating
    Combination of a profuse, cold sweat on the upper body
  • Shortness of Breath
    Tightness like a rope around the chest
  • Weakness
    Feel week especially when you stand upt
    Feeling is often accompanied by one or other symptoms
24-Hrs Cardiac Emergency Department on Ext #
Contact immediately If you have any symptoms mentioned above

What Should be Done If a Heart Attack Occurs
Arriving at the Hospital
Tell Them I Think I m Having a Heart Attack
When you arrive at MHH, tell them you think you‘re having a heart attack, so you will get immediate attention. You may be given
  • medications to relieve pain
  • stabilize your heart rhythm
  • improve your breathing
  • lower your blood pressure
If it is not heart attack, you will be treated for your discomfort or your doctor will decide on the best way to treat your heart attack
Recovering at MHH
The time required for recovery depends on
  • The extent of myocardial damage
  • The rate of healing
  • The presence of complications
  • Patient to adjust lifestyle habits for risk modification
Expect to be hospitalized for 1-2 weeks to evaluate the damage, help you rest while your heart heels, &treat any complications. You will have blood tests, ECG & possibly stress test. Based on the result & your symptoms, your doctor may recommend angiography, angioplasty or surgery.
State of the art 2- Cath Lab Ext #
For more details & contact immediately If you have any symptoms mentioned above

Healthy life style measures are important preventive measures in the fight against cardiovascular disease. These include
  • No Smoking
  • Regular exercise (walking, cycling, etc.). Initially this could be done in a supervised setting. Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • The Avoid foods high in salt content & cholesterol
  • Regular medical checkups & taking medicines regularly as prescribed
  • Having a balanced lifestyle between work, play (fun, social activities)rest & relaxation
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